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 KUNLUN FIGHT 1: Chinese Kung Fu vs. Muat Thai !! with Andrei Kulebin & Jeff Monson!!

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Inscripción : 18/11/2009

MensajeTema: KUNLUN FIGHT 1: Chinese Kung Fu vs. Muat Thai !! with Andrei Kulebin & Jeff Monson!!   Vie Ene 24, 2014 8:22 pm

KUNLUN FIGHT 1: Chinese Kung Fu vs. Muat Thai !!

Skippy Cohen escribió:
Jan 25, 2014 7:00 AM EST IT starts!
Muay Thai is center stage as a new world tour begins on January 25 from Pattaya, Thailand as "Kunlun Fight 1" debuts to the world on GFL.tv. This card will be heated from the jump as it will be China's King Fu practitioners versus the Muay Thai of Thailand's top strikers. Other top flight fighters will compete to round out the tremendous, one-of-a-kind combat sports card that also features MMA. 

Scheduled to compete, Andrei Kulebin battles Umar Semata. Kulebin is a Belarussian Muay Thai welterweight who is an 18-time Muay Thai and Kickboxing World Champion. Kulebin has fought all over the world and defeated some of the best of the best. Look for Kulebin to remain highly technical for the entire fight and try to break down Semata strike by strike. Semata is from Uganda and is the current World Boxing Council Muay Thai Super Middleweight International Champion. Semata will be the bigger fighter in the ring and can match Kulebin's intensity in the ring while also throwing harder punches and kicks. This fight should tear down the house. 

Also on tap, Guo Dongwang fights Petchtanong Banchamek. Dongwang throws a variety of kicks from different angles, making his strikes difficult to time. Dongwang has mastered Kung Fu and has won multiple titles around the world because of his ability to land a kick out of nowhere that his opponent never saw coming. Banchamek is the pride and joy of Muay Thai and will have the home country advantage as the Thai people will be going crazy for his every move. Banchamek comes into the contest as the favorite as he possess knockout power in his hands, elbows, feet and shins. Banchamek also has an iron chin and is happy to trade knees from the clinch in the center of the ring. Banchamek loves to throw the short elbow in the clinch to try and cut his opponent as many of his opponents are covered in blood by the end. 

MMA fighter Jeff "The Snowman" Monson tangles with Isa Umarov. Monson is one of the most decorated American grapplers in history and brings a wealth of fight experience into the ring. Monson has fought for every big organization in the world and has defeated multiple world ranked heavyweights including Roy Nelson, Aleksander Emelianenko, Ricco Rodriguez and Kazuyuki Fujita. Look for Monson to use his years of experience and capitalize on any little mistake Umarov makes with a submission attempt. Umarov is a Sambo practitioner and will not hesitate to test his skills against Monson on the ground but that could be his undoing as Monson is a world class grappler and has defeated several top MMA athletes as he has been able to successfully make the transition to striking. Umarov will need to keep his hands up, because Monson will have the decided advantage in the striking department. 

If you love the art of striking, there is no better iPPV for you to order than "Kunlun Fight 1". Be there for this historical first event from the international juggernaut Kunlun Fight Promotions.

Fight Card:

-Andrei Kulebin vs. Umar Semata 

-Xiong Jingnan vs. Lena "Hunter" Ovchynnikova

-Guo Dongwang vs. Petchtanong Banchamek

-Jeff "The Snowman" Monson vs. Isa Umarov 

Jeff "The Snowman" Monson

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KUNLUN FIGHT 1: Chinese Kung Fu vs. Muat Thai !! with Andrei Kulebin & Jeff Monson!!

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