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 ENFUSION LIVE ALKMAAR: Ilona wijmans vs. Denise Kielholtz, Giga Gigadze vs. Tayfun Ozcan(RESULTS-VIDEOS)

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Mensajes : 5258
Inscripción : 18/11/2009

MensajeTema: ENFUSION LIVE ALKMAAR: Ilona wijmans vs. Denise Kielholtz, Giga Gigadze vs. Tayfun Ozcan(RESULTS-VIDEOS)   Miér Ene 08, 2014 6:57 am

ENFUSION LIVE ALKMAAR: Ilona wijmans vs Denise Kielholtz, Tayfun Ozcan vs Giga Gigadze...

Enfusion Live Kickboksgala word een spectaculair evenement met diverse topvechters uit binnen en buitenland met onder andere:
Live Card:
Ilona wijmans vs Denise Kielholtz (Enfusion World Title)
Tayfun Ozcan vs Giga Gigadze
Pietje Piëtro Doorjé vs Mansour Yacubi
Melvin Wassing vs Youssef Chaikh
Mohamed Jarraye vs Christophe Maillot
Kevin Hessling vs Charly Peters 

Under Card:
Tom Duivenvoorde vs Ibrahim El Boustati 
Regilio van den Ent vs Zakaria Abdelaoui
Shannon Bodonszky vs Simone Dommelen
Serginio Kanters vs Sjef Hebbels
Bowie Zonneveld vs Monaim Attadlaoui
Lesly Risa vs Iljas 
Mikey Ross Smith vs James Asamoah
Ryan Hiwat vs Sonny v Soest
Yannick Vliet vs Merwijs Sherzad
Reda Elmernikh vs Ayoub El Geunnouni
Joep Godijn vs Miquel Akoela
Ismael El Bouni vs Vincent Pinas
Mark Wever vs Fouzi El Kandoussi
Allysa Leek vs Kaylee Sikkelerius
Youssef El Massoudi vs Tony Belzen
Umerkaan Ouganzi vs Youssef Dabi
Sahin Timur vs Nasrdine Ouled ali Sellami
Fatih Candan vs Raymond Waal

Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/243070509191188/?fref=ts

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Mensajes : 5258
Inscripción : 18/11/2009

MensajeTema: Re: ENFUSION LIVE ALKMAAR: Ilona wijmans vs. Denise Kielholtz, Giga Gigadze vs. Tayfun Ozcan(RESULTS-VIDEOS)   Mar Ene 14, 2014 9:32 am


Enfusion-tv.com escribió:

Enfusion Live Report, Alkmaar, The Netherlands, January 12th 2014

Posted on: 13 Jan 2014

Report Enfusion Live Alkmaar, The Netherlands, January 12th 2014

Youssef Chaikh v Melvin Wassing

The opening fight set the flavour of the evening as two boxers set a tremendous pace.

Wassing had the more Orthodox style. Youssef was getting caught by right hands but was coping with the pressure well.

Second round started at a fast and furious pace much like round one, from nowhere a sneak left k…nee from Chaikh landed perfectly to the solar plexus, sending Wassing to the canvas, as referee Peters pushed Chaikh to the neutral corner.

Wassong was unable to beat the count, KO win for Chaikh.

Giga Chikadze v Tuyfun Ozcan

For the second bout of the night it was Georgia verses Turkey. Having previously beaten Pajonsit in Eindhoven on Enfusion live Ozcan needed another good performance and did not disapoint at all, as he put on a masterclass performance. Outscoring the brave Chikadze in every department. A wonderful display for us all!

Mansur Yaqubi v Pietje Doorje

Still bitterly disapointed having lost to UK’s Greg Wooten for the Enfusion title in 2013.

Doorje was seeking revenge to put himself in line as a contender again.

Yaqubi short and stocky showed no regard for Doorje reputation, consistant pressure from the opening bell. This night Doorje looked born to do the sport, a supurb display of lateral movement and silky skills to leave Yagubi hitting fresh air, as each second ticked by Doorje was reading the aggresive Yaqubi attacks with ease. Comprehensively out scoring the brave Yaqubi for an emphatic points win.

Charlie Peters v Kevin Hessling

A contrast of careers on Enfusion live, having lost and won. The loss of Hessling was heavy in the first round in our first live show in Belgium and Peters had won on a glittering show in London.

The difference tonight was the pace of Peters as he is from a Muaythai background career, he found the combinations of the eager Dutch fighter hard to come to terms with the more distructive shots come from Londoner. Though Kevin seemed to take them in his stride and his knee he delivered in the third round to the liver of Peters which caused him to drop to his knees. Showing grit and guts Peters Rose and fought back. Little too late though back on track a win for Hessling and a lesson learnt for Peters.

Denise Kielholtz v Ilona Wijmans

The highly anticipated and long awaited contest between two of the best 57kg female fighters in the world did not dissapoint. Aside the prestigious Enfusion live title there was also bragging rights to the Queen of Holland.

From the off set Ilona was the aggresor marching forward with big right hands and left high kicks, whiist Denise the challenger with incredible footwork and lightning hand speed would be in and out of the power shots of the Champion.

The early rounds would see Denise landing the telling shots and inside using her judo experience with well times throws. Wijmans would never stop coming forward and started to land some beautiful punch combinations in the later rounds.

Round five of a so far close contest would see both girls go toe-to-toe. Both ladies refusing to back down would trade furious blows. A left high kick from nowhere put Denise to the canvas momenterally but was not counted by the ref Joop Obeda.

With the final bell ringing both girls had there hands raised bit it was the Champion that managed to hold onto her title, one of the greatest ever female fights, and no doubt there will be re-match!

Rport by Julie Kitchen, Vinny Shoreman and Kieran Keddle, Enfusion Live’s respected commentators.

Source: http://www.enfusion-tv.com/live/enfusion-live-report-alkmaar-the-netherlands-january-12th-2014/

Maint Event!!!

Ilona Wijmans (The Netherlands) vs Denise Kielholtz (The Netherlands)

Recap ENFUSION LIVE Alkmaar, The Netherlands. 12-01-2014

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ENFUSION LIVE ALKMAAR: Ilona wijmans vs. Denise Kielholtz, Giga Gigadze vs. Tayfun Ozcan(RESULTS-VIDEOS)

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