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 Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives Official Trailer (Full HD)

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MensajeTema: Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives Official Trailer (Full HD)   Dom Dic 22, 2013 11:51 am

Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives Official Trailer (Full HD)

Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives is Bangkok's thrilling new stage spectacular about Muay Thai origins and heroes. Created and directed by internationally acclaimed film and theatre director Ekachai Uekrongtham of "Beautiful Boxer" fame. Fight choreography by revered Muay Thai Grand Master Sane Tubthimtong. Starring a talented cast culled from nation-wide auditions comprising professional Muay Thai champs, leading stuntmen, martial arts experts plus award-winning sword fighters, trickers and free runners. Music by Thai "Oscar" winner Papassilp Kitawongwat. Sound Design by Nakorn Kositpaisal, winner of Asian Film Award for "Warlords" starring Jet Li and Andy Lau. Dance movement designed by Kanyarat Napasab, one of Thailand's most sought after choreographers. Production design by Thoranisorn Pitikul who has created set designs for "Chang & Eng", one of Asia's most successful stage musicals. Thailand's ace designers Niphon Thantiyothin and Anusorn Rassameebanpotkun create the show's costume design and multimedia design respectively. Opening 15 Jan 2014 at The Stage, a brand new, purpose-built arena theatre in the heart of Asiatique The Riverfront, Asia's largest waterfront shopping and entertainment hub. Live on stage @ 8pm daily. Tickets now on sale at www.thaiticketmajor.com/muaythailive. Official Fan Page: www.facebook.com/muaythailive.bkk

http://www.tatnews.org/ escribió:
Bangkok – 3 December, 2013: Flying fists, gravity defying kicks and superhuman acts of speed make Muay Thai an exciting element of Thai culture. Now, with this ancient martial art taking centre stage at ASIATIQUE The Riverfront, Bangkok’s new cultural hub, visitors can learn about the origins of Thai boxing and see exciting displays in nightly shows that will take place from 15 January, 2014, at 20.00 hrs.
Through a combination of fascinating history and amazing athleticism, Muay Thai Live – The Legend Lives” explores the roots of Thailand’s ancient martial art and brings to life over 300 years of history. Visitors will be entertained with a dazzling combination of hyper-real Muay Thai fights, breathtaking stunts and sweeping drama that will both educate and enthrall.
Internationally acclaimed Thai director Ekachai Uekrongtham, director of the award-winning film Beautiful Boxer and the hit musical Chang and Eng, is the creator of the Muay Thai show; a project produced by veteran event and show promoter Viwan Karnasut.
The breathtaking stage for the sporting display at ASIATIQUE The Riverfront has been designed by Nopadol Limwatankul, one of Thailand’s leading architects, whose previous projects include the critically-acclaimed Museum of Siam. Nopadol has incorporated state-of-the-art light and sound technology to ensure that audiences enjoy an immersive Muay Thai experience that really packs a punch.
Producer, Viwan Karnasut, executive producer of “Muay Thai Live – The Legend Lives,” feels the nightly event is the perfect showcase for Thai boxing as a national art and a treasure of the kingdom’s heritage that should be preserved and passed on, as well as understood and appreciated internationally.
She says, “Muay Thai or Thai boxing is not just a combat sport, but is an essential part of Thai culture. It is our responsibility and our privilege to share it with the world. I know that the daily display at ASIATIQUE – already a well-known showcase for aspects of Siamese culture – will allow us to present Muay Thai to visitors and locals in a glorious style.”
“We are emphasizing the beauty and traditions of this ancient sport, so that tourists appreciate it as an inherent and living part of Thai culture. “Muay Thai Live – The Legend Lives,” displays the athleticism and energy of Thai boxing on a stage created by one of our greatest architects. We are highlighting the very best of this fascinating art,” said Ms. Viwan.
Muay Thai Live - Heroes Poster (423x640)“And this daily event isn’t just for tourists. We aim to foster a love and pride of Muay Thai among the many Thai visitors to ASIATIQUE . If they enjoy it, they’ll invite their friends, to come and see the show. We’ve worked so hard to create an unforgettable experience that we know it will be shared and loved among a wide audience.”
Director Ekachai Uekrongtham is equally as passionate about “Muay Thai Live – The Legend Lives.”
“I am thrilled whenever I get the opportunity to showcase the traditions and skills of Thai boxing. Muay Thai is not only Thailand’s national sport, but also a fiercely beautiful, no-nonsense art that combines power, speed and sublime beauty. Its powerful dynamic has inspired the energy and creativity in my own career.”
When creating and directing “Muay Thai Live – The Legend Lives”, Ekachai wanted to make it as thrilling, authentic and educational as possible for the live audience and to ensure that people understand what Thai boxing is, and has always been, an intrinsic part of Thai culture and identity. He and the fighters have worked hard to ensure that all the combat is genuine, and the spectacular kicks and jabs are based on real boxing moves with no tricks.
“Another aim was to ensure that the show is educational for audiences of any age, sex and origin. We want everyone to understand the historical and cultural elements of Muay Thai, whether they are young or old, Thai or foreign, or whether they know a lot about Muay Thai or nothing at all.”
Above all, the show has been designed to entertain, with imaginative action, atmospheric storytelling, lights, theatrics and music that will ensure an unforgettable and emotional experience for the audience.
“Ultimately, we want “Muay Thai Live – The Legend Lives”, to make an emotional; even a spiritual connection with the audience. This will foster better understanding, among locals and visitors alike about the true heart and soul of Thailand and the Thai people,” said Ekachai.
Mr. Suraphon Svetasreni, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), said “Muay Thai has enjoyed massive popularity around the word in recent years and many young men and women come here to train in the art with local Muay Thai masters.”
He added, “Now the “Muay Thai Live – The Legend Lives”, at ASIATIQUE gives everyone the change to learn more about this ancient art and its origins which are an important part of the kingdom’s culture. Ekachai Uekrongtham is the perfect person to showcase the skills of Thailand’s Muay Thai fighters and his new production will entertain, as well as enthrall people from all over the world.”
For more information about “Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives”, visit:
For interview requests, contact the Muay Thai Live PR Team:
E-mail: pr.muaythailive@gmail.com
Contact Information:
International Public Relations Division
Tourism Authority of Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 2250 5500 ext. 4545-48
Fax: +66 (0) 2253 7419
E-mail: prdiv3@tat.or.th
Web site: www.tatnews.org
- See more at: http://www.tatnews.org/muay-thai-live-the-legend-lives/#sthash.jiCNoEYq.dpuf

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Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives Official Trailer (Full HD)

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