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 Alistair Overeem retorna a zuffa y debutaría en UFC 140

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Inscripción : 18/11/2009

MensajeTema: Alistair Overeem retorna a zuffa y debutaría en UFC 140   Jue Ago 18, 2011 2:44 pm

Alistair Overeem retorna a zuffa y debutaría en UFC 140

Hago un resumen de lo que entendí...

Según este artículo de la website www.fansofk1.com Allistar Overeem y Golden Glory están renegociando con Zuffa y han llegado a un acuerdo verbal para que alistair Overeem, sea anunciado en breve como nueva incorporación de UFC y hay la posibilidad de que "The reem" haga su debut en UFC 140 y si no es así en enero del próximo.

El vento co principal sería Lyoto Machida vs Franlink o Bader, el card del UFC 140 se darán a conocer dentro de 2 semanas con entradas a la venta en tres semanas...

Citación :
(allistair overeem back in zuffa ufc 140 his debut )
Im hoping its true A.A is back in zuffa

UFC And Strikeforce Info
From: hammers hamil
Posted: 1 day ago
Member Since: 3/10/11
Posts: 206

Its been awhile and im back... Allistar Overeem and Golden Glory management are back in zuffa's good graces and have been negoiating in good faith and have come to a deal with ufc for allistar overeem im told this will be announced very shortly with the possibility of reem making his debut at ufc 140 and if not The January new years show...

As for Brock Lesnar his medicals will be back this week and a decision on his status for ufc 140 will be determined.. Brock is on his last fight of his contract and has decided not to renegoiate a new contract with zuffa at this time... Zuffa want Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir as there main event pending lesnars health but have softened there stance... With zuffa gageing public interests from reading varous mma related fourms and twitter bombing dana about the fight other options have been discused.... Like winner of nog schwab but nothing set in stone... Brock gets to pick his opponment for his return fight and all indications are He is going to choose frank mir... Mir expects this matchup...

With ufc 140 undercard completed there buying time to make a co main event and main event ... Co main event will be lyoto machida vs Franlin or bader and possibly davis... Zuffa dont want too book the davis fight and build him slowly but im told its also on the table but doubtful... Dan Henderson name is another possibility as talks have been good between both sides and henderson would take co main with machida for number one contender ... Dan has stated he wants time off but its a ploy for more bargining power... Co main and main event for ufc 140 will be announced within 2 weeks with tickets going on sale in 3 weeks as im told....

Meeting with showtime next week to discuss strikeforce extending there deal with sho sports... Strikeforce for the time being will not be dying there are plans like ive stated before to turn it into a regional feeder show and slowly expand out of there strong markets.. Zuffa was highly dissapointed with the strikeforce ratings for fedor vs henderson card as they expected alot more viewers....

Ufc is working on a multi network deal with fox and talks are still going on with spike tv... deal would be ufc doing 3 to 5 network specials in primetime on saturday nights while remaining on spike... there have been a few other networks showing interest and entering negoiations but zuffa has over priced there brand nothing finalized as zuffa entertaining offers but fox leading candadate....

zuffa looks to have gained barnett clearance for the next round of the tourny but his issues with nsac and csac will need to be addressed very shortly as strikeforce will not be catering for one fighter ive been told... The coker regeime are responsible for these issues and the inmates run the aslyum... Zuffa fighters will be going over to the strikeforce brand still and its being discussed this month has been the busiest month in zuffa history im told... Ufc is looking to expand to sweden and japan for 2012 and Zuffa will be expanding there canadian market place by going to alberta in 2012 also... Will post more info as i get it...

Fuente: http://www.fansofk1.com/article?aID=4240&Category=1

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MensajeTema: Re: Alistair Overeem retorna a zuffa y debutaría en UFC 140   Jue Ago 18, 2011 4:00 pm

Me gustaría verlo contra Junior Dos Santos, pero con el mismo físico que luce en K-1, por que así como peleó contra Werdun......se le notó muy debilitado.
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MensajeTema: Re: Alistair Overeem retorna a zuffa y debutaría en UFC 140   Vie Ago 19, 2011 6:30 am

Bien!! para verlo frente a los mounstruos del UFC!!

muy buena tambien esa pagina fansofk1 muy compelta
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MensajeTema: Re: Alistair Overeem retorna a zuffa y debutaría en UFC 140   

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Alistair Overeem retorna a zuffa y debutaría en UFC 140

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